My Story 

Why I Started Saving Grace.

My name is Alazia Grace, at two years old I was kidnapped and taken from my family for several days by my father. During those few days, I was neglected and kept in the back seat of the car he also stole from my family. This would later become my first childhood memory. I was later found in the car with my father at a local gas station. After I was found my mother thought the best thing for us would be to live in a local homeless shelter in Steubenville Ohio. We were able to move back into our house weeks after and continue our life, many families are not as fortunate and cannot move back into their homes, some of them are unable to find a shelter and gain access to personal products and items needed to survive. I am now seventeen years old and I started Saving Grace as a way to help families, women, men, and children with experiences like mine by donating funds, clothes, food, and personal products to Urban Mission, and shelters near me. With your help and donations, we would be able to help more families and expands the mission of Saving Grace.

Be Someone's Saving Grace