Be Someone's Saving Gace.

Your donation will go directly to Urban Mission and help families in need.

What Your Donations Will Do

Thousands of families in the US are struggling with homelessness and a lack of personal products. 

All over America, families are suffering from homelessness all for different reasons, some escaping abusive households, and others are victims of rising housing costs. We can help families near us by donating food, clothes, shoes, bedding, and personal products to shelters near us helping them care for and house more families. 


Did you know?

One in 30 American children experience homelessness annually; 51% are under age five. More than 2.5 million children are homeless each year in America.

Help us continue our work 

Email us today to find out other ways you can help such as volunteering, food, clothes and bedding donations!

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Be Someone's Saving Grace